Frog Lake


Frog Lake in Darrington, WA is well named because it is actually full of frogs. Visit here in Spring and Summer and I bet you will spot a few. At 1.5 acres it’s just a tiny little lake with a quiet, Northwest setting. There’s just enough room from the bank to cast a line or launch a small canoe.

Getting there can be easy or hard depending on how adventurous you are. If you are up for the challenge you can hike  from the bridge at Clear Creek (on the Mountain Loop Highway) one mile up a hillside. capturing aerial views of the turbulent waters below and crossing several really cool bridges before meeting up with a gravel road (FS 2060). Not much further up on your left is the trail down to the darling little Frog Lake.

For ease and instant gratification you can just drive up Forest Service Road 2060 and park alongside the trail to the Lake. If you have a high clearance vehicle you can drive right to it. Keep your eyes open for trees that were stripped of their bark by Native Americans in the area to make baskets and other items. There’s room for camping too if you care to stay a little longer in this very private and secluded spot not too far from town.


Go 3.1 miles from Darrington, Wa on the Mountain Loop Highway, turn right at FS 2060 or find the hiking trail at the Clear Creek Bridge.



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