Howard Miller Steelhead Park

Howard Miller Steelhead Park is located in the very small and charming town of Rockport, Wa. Howard Miller was a Skagit County Commissioner and helped facilitate the initial purchase of the first 15 acres of this park in 1966. It wasn’t until the 1980s that the park was dedicated in his honor and 88 more acres were added to the grounds.

There’s some neat historical features as you first enter the park. An old homestead (circa 1800s) was moved here in 1967 and still stands proudly on display. Also, a hand crafted Native American canoe hangs beside the rustic home. I spent lots of time here reading the historical tidbits and taking in the peaceful view of the Skagit River.

The staircase leads you down to a boat launch and access to the River. There’s immaculate campsites, RV hookup spots and even cute little cabins available for rent. There is so much to explore at this riverside park, but what is even better is that it serves as an epicenter to wilderness adventure. There are countless hiking trails and fishing holes just minutes from your campsite!


52804 Rockport Rd Rockport, Wa 98283


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