Paulina Falls

Paulina Falls located in La Pine, Oregon can be a quick stop to look at some beautiful falls or a longer stroll along Paulina Creek. The Falls themselves are about 60 feet in height. The Creek forks right before the falls making them a double falls.

These Falls are part of the Newberry National Volcanic Monument. The waters that fuel the falls flow from Paulina Lake. The trails to both the lower and upper falls are easy and well maintained. You can find the Falls a mere few hundred feet from the parking lot.

These locales are named after Chief Paulina (1833-1867) a member of the Paiute Tribe.  This Native American warrior lead a war band against settlers in the 1850s and 1860s robbing the ranchers of cattle and food stores. In 1967 after his wife and son were taken hostage by the U. S . government and the tribe was in danger of starvation, Chief Paulina signed a treaty. Later that same year his band took to violence again and was killed by a group of settlers seeking revenge for a previous attack.

In order to park you will need one of the following passes:

$5 Day Pass
Northwest Forest Pass
Interagency Annual Pass
Interagency Senior Pass (America the Beautiful, Golden Age)
Interagency Access Pass
Interagency Military Pass
Every Kid in a Park Pass
Northwest Forest ePass

This is a great stop for dogs and kids. If you’re looking for more adventures to pair with this one visit our adventure map.


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