Sauk-Suiattle Indian Cemetery

Way out past Darrington, WA is an Indian reservation and beyond that is a quiet, secluded place where they have laid their people to rest for over a century now. The Sauk-Suiattle Cemetery is sacred ground and you can sense it just being there.

Several miles through dense, pristine wilderness on the Suiattle River Road you will find this cemetery tucked away in a grassy patch surrounded by mature timber and several varieties of ferns. There’s no traffic noise here or buzzing sounds of yard tools. Just peace, birds singing and wind rustling through the foliage.

The Sauk-Suiattle tribe were canoe people that knew the local river system the way we know our commutes to work. They survived in a climate that some would call extreme. These people hunted, gathered and survived long, wet, snowed-in winters. It is hard to imagine what their day to day lives must have been, but they had to be hardy and rugged folk. Deserving of a final resting place as perfect and remote as this.


Suiattle River Rd Darrington, Wa


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