Lake Lenore Caves


The Lake Lenore Caves are located just outside of Soap Lake in Washington. These caves were formed around 12,000 years ago. They were created by the melting and freezing of water. These conditions gradually wore away the basalts that made up the canyon walls and left what can be seen to be shallow caves high on the canyon walls.

Native tribes began using the caves about 5,000 years ago as shelter caves. The caves provided much needed shelter from the elements. Humans were able to utilize these while they hunted and fished in the area.

Today the caves are relatively easy to get to. From the trailhead climb up the stairs and follow the ridge. You will not only find several shelter caves, you will also see cool rock formations, and the views are breathe taking.

We saw a lot of wildlife on our hike. We stumbled across a rabbit, deer, and some pretty cool looking beetles. The trailhead has primitive bathrooms and sparse parking.


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