Nordic Museum

This PNW Adventure Sister is going to Iceland in the spring. In preparations for this epic trip I decided to visit the Nordic Museum in Ballard, Wa. This brand new facility houses art, history, and cultural artifacts from the Nordic Countries. The museum covers the Nordic countries of: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

The museum is laid out in the shape of fjord. A fjord is a long, deep, narrow inlet of water that was formed from glacial activity. A fjord is basically a narrow body of water surrounded by majestic cliffs. The Nordic Museum has the same rectangular shape and a hallway running through the center. The building is essentially divided lengthwise by this hallway open all the way up to the ceiling. The two sides are connected by sky-bridges that look a lot like cliffs.

I started in the modern art exhibit where I found the Nordic modern art to be full of life and color. The exhibit featured many different mediums and samples. I wish knew more about art to provide more commentary, but the pieces featured were quite lovely. I snapped a few shots of my favorites.

Upstairs you will find many interesting exhibits that educate about these great nations. My favorite exhibit is a screen that covers an entire wall and runs breathtaking nature photos on loop. The sitting area is designed to make you feel like you are sitting on a log looking out into nature. I sat here for a long time enjoying the quiet and watching the loop of photos play across the screen.

The Nordic countries are extremely innovative. One of my favorite exhibits is the invention of an airbag helmet. There is also an extensive exhibit on Nordic Americans and the many contributions they have made to our communities.

After I completed my visit at the Museum I ate lunch at the Freya Cafe in the lobby. The cafe features authentic foods to try. I decided to try the Maymor Pantry a personal smørgåsbord. It was quite lovely. The eggs pickled in beet juice were surprisingly delightful. The salmon was so good. The pickled vegetables though…. eh… maybe not for me. All in all it was awesome to try these foods before I take my trip.img_0954
Visit the Museums website to find out more about admission and hours.


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