Cap Sante


Cap Sante in Anacortes offers scenic panoramic views of Fidalgo Bay and the Cascade Mountains. We found this gem on a rare Pacific Northwest sunny winter day. We had stopped for lunch in Anacortes at the Brown Lantern Tavern. Our waiter recommended we take a walk to Cap Sante. He gave us some directions and off we went. The walk from downtown is up hill, so you may want to drive your car. It’s about a mile from downtown.

The walk proved well worth the workout. On our way up and on our way down we were greeted by a hear of a dozen or so deer. They were so adorable and didn’t seem bothered about us walking up the road.

Once we reached the lookout, we discovered one of the most breathe taking views of the Sound. You can find several park benches to rest while you take it all in. It’s a great place for photos with the 360 degree view.

Cap Sante translates to Cape Health which seems very fitting. The park was designed by John Baptiste LePage (1857-1939), he was a French Canadian Architect. An ampitheater was built on the East end of the park as part of the Work Progress Administration (WPA) that came about as part of the New Deal. The amphitheater was built to provide a public venue to watch water sports. The Anacortes Museum has some great photos of this. You can still find some remains of the project.  If you plan to visit, please be careful. The park is located on some very steep cliffs.


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  1. Jim Liming says:

    I’ve been missing your posts. Glad to see this one and hope to see more, thanks!

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