Spanel Planetarium in Bellingham

Sick of the rain?  Getting out doesn’t always have to be going out doors.  Last weekend we took our niece to the Spanel Planetarium located on Western Washington University’s campus.  The Planetarium is located in the library, but don’t forget to stop at the PAC before hand to purchase your tickets.

Planetarium shows are on Tuesdays and Saturdays and are an hour in duration. The presentation is geared towards grade school and above, but the four year old we brought loved the novelty of seeing a movie played on the ceiling. Western’s planetarium is cozy, but still impressive.  I loved the feeling of reclining my chair and enjoying a tour of the night sky.  We so rarely get to see the stars anymore, most of us live in cities these days with light pollution that prevents star gazing. I really enjoyed myself and I would recommend a visit.

The Planetarium features a different show each month. Check out their website for dates, times, and directions. After your visit take a stroll around the campus.  Western host several art sculptures and a gorgeous fountain located in Red Square.



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