Fragrance Lake

While the year is young and winter has only but begun, we’re left with these lower elevation hikes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because no matter how terrible the weather here in the PNW we will still have options. Places to go into the wilderness and leave our mundane, pencil pushing lives behind.

This weekend my husband, cousin and his girlfriend hiked along with me to Fragrance Lake. It’s one of the locally famous hikes along Chuckanut Drive outside of Bellingham, Wa. It makes a quick day hike at 5.5 miles round trip and a 950 foot elevation gain to get the heart pumping.

The trail makes steady gains the whole way with very few flat spots for a bit of an active break. After the first set of short switchbacks you enter into an aging forest. Not quite old growth, but darn near. Be sure to take the .2 mile detour to catch a lovely view of Puget Sound.

Once back on the main path you’ll continue to incline for a ways before reaching the lake which offers a few picnic spots and a trail that completely circles the quiet little lake. Scattered in there are a few bridges and boardwalks that can be slick on a wet day like this one.

Be sure to explore the giant boulders and rock walls along this loop. After lunch we took our time checking them out before stumbling down the hillside toward our cars. Oh, and to answer the question that I know you were going to ask… no, there were no notable smells at Fragrance Lake! 🤣