Lake 22 – Winter Hike

Here is a hike I’ve always turned my nose at because it seems everybody and their mother has done it. That was pretty poor judgment on my part. Turns out there’s a reason this gem of a lake is so popular.

Making this a winter hike rather than a summer hike definitely made the crowds less and the trek up more palatable. We actually were able to find parking at the trail head! The path was in decent shape, but a bit rocky. I liked this because it has more of a natural look and feel rather than a city park feel.

Extra traction was needed, but some folks made it up without proper gear and with no apparent issues. Once at the lake the snow was rather deep, but there had been enough traffic to provide a manageable path all the way around this winter wonderland of a Lake.

My cousin, Tom, and I took the full loop around as large snowflakes lightly settled around us. I had to put my foot in my mouth at this moment (well, not literally) because I had previously rolled my eyes and said to him “oh, this hike is going to be lame!” Nope, this is not a lame hike! It’s a magical place that I intend to return to when those winter blues tend to seep in every year.

I would say that it took moderate effort to travel the 5.4 miles round trip and 1350 foot elevation gain. As usual, I forgot to Time the trip, but I know I was back home for lunch this particular day.

To conclude, my advise is to not pass this one up. I think you’ll find some joy here. Until next year, Lake 22!

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