Vogler Lake


Just a few miles North of Concrete, Wa is pretty little Vogler Lake. It covers 3.5 acres and is fairly shallow too with an average depth of 10 feet. The best part is that you can drive right to it.

Despite the shallowness it holds a decent population of Rainbow and Brook Trout. They do get a bit sluggish in the heat of summer, but otherwise a great spot to catch a few lunkers. Just be mindful of the rules. The lake is fly fishing only, no combustion motors and 100% catch and release.

There are a few campsites and one RV hook-up spot available along Vogler’s shore in a privately owned campground. I didn’t explore that side, but it looked like a perfectly fine area to camp from what I could see from afar. I certainly enjoyed the peaceful ambiance and charming view during my visit today.


Heading North from Concrete, Wa take Burpee Hill Road 2.5 miles and watch for the Lake on your left.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. That’s a beautiful place!!

    1. Liz Duncan says:

      It really is!

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