Carkeek Park

Carkeek Park is located in Seattle. The Park has an award winning Environmental Learning Center that offers a variety of nature programs. You can find the learning center near the park entrance. You will also find a beautiful flower garden there. If you are a bird watcher check out this informational brochure before you visit. This park has a lot to offer for the naturalist in us all.

Once in the park you can find a variety of hiking trails and boardwalks. This is a great

place to hike and learn about nature. If you Park in the lot at the top of the bluff, you will find an expansive playground with a castle play set and a really cool salmon slide. This slide is pretty awesome for a kid that can slide through the salmon’s mouth and get pooped out its backside.

The bluff has some spectacular views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. They have a very large fire pit located here. You will also find some very cool covered picnic areas that you can reserve.
This 220 acre park dates back to 1927, when the Carkeek family donated money for its purchase. The miles of trails are well maintained and great for trail running or just a leisurely walk. This park is both kid and dog friendly.


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