Is it a “Hobbit Hole” or a Mine at the Base of Explorer Falls?

Explorer Falls, formerly known as Wheeler Falls, is located near Lake Roesiger in Snohomish. The trail has gotten more difficult since the last time I was there. It has washed out at a little more than a mile from the trailhead. You now need to climb down the embankment, cross a stream, and climb back up.

You will pass a closed gate that says you are on the right track. At around a quarter mile from the washout you will start hearing the falls. Keep an eye out for the trail that leads to the falls. It will be to your right.

We left late in the day so we had little time for exploring, but you can cross the stream and follow the trail to get pictures of the falls from above. At one point there was a structure further up the trail under construction, but I am not sure if it was ever finished or if it is still there.

The 50 feet high Explorer Falls are horsetail in design and striking in appearance. Explorer Falls was renamed in recent years. The falls has either a “hobbit hole” or a mine at its base depending on who you ask. Years ago there had been a rickety ladder at its base, but it looked entirely too dangerous to reach. I never managed to get close enough to look in and find out if a hobbit lived there or not. I’m hoping someone will reach out to me with information to solve this mystery.


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